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Kiss your Writing Software problems goodbye

The "Netflix" for Writing Software Tutorials. (See purchase link at bottom of page.)

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About Writer's Territory

The Writer’s Territory is a course platform with software video tutorials and writing process guides for Creative Writers.

Whether you're just starting out or you're an experienced writer, this "Writer's Territory Membership Site" provides you with all the information you need to master your writing tools and use them to propel your writing career forward.

Currently it contains guides and courses for the following software packages:

  • Scrivener
  • Final Draft
  • Fade In
  • Movie Magic Screenwriter
  • WriterDuet
  • (new content added continuously)

As a member you have access to all the courses.

About Bela Lampert

Bela Lampert is an optioned Screenwriter and certified Yoga Instructor. He has a strong background in television production and has been fascinated by the way pictures can tell us stories since he saw his first movie in the cinema (“The Jungle Book”).

Having discovered through his own experience how to access the true voice and inspiration that lies buried in all of us, he’s intent on helping other writers use their writing tools on a professional level and unleash their creative potential so they can carry their stories out into the world and be heard.

Bela Lampert writes Thriller screenplays for the international marketplace.

Becoming a member might be something for you if you want to …

  • Spend your time writing, not struggling with your software
  • Not get distracted by looking for solutions on YouTube
  • Be a professional who knows his/her tools
  • Kiss software problems goodbye for good
  • Learn secrets how to let the software do the boring stuff
  • Learn quick fixes to set up your software to become an inspiration machine
  • Learn how to produce professional looking drafts
  • Look at different software solutions in depth before making a buying choice
  • Save writing time by knowing your software inside out
  • Have a software video guide at your fingertips - at any time
  • Find software video guides for lesser known functions in minutes
  • Not break the writing flow when you need an unknown function for the first time
  • Learn how to put together your own writing processes with the best software choice for you
  • Watch the video guides on any device
  • See a short video that explains what you need rather than having to read a phone book manual
  • Not spend a fortune on software courses

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